Monitoring System

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Navitel Monitoring is a multifunctional system of vehicle monitoring. It allows performing various monitoring-related operations on a real-time basis. Most notable among these operations are positioning of vehicles, setting and calculation of routes, and control of diverse vehicle parameters, such as mileage, speed, movement direction, fuel consumption rate, etc.

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Principle of operation

Collection of data and values from the meters installed in a vehicle

Data processing and analysis by the servers of the monitoring system

Real-time visualization of the collected data in the monitoring center



The most detailed maps in the market, vast experience in cartographic technologies

Integration with the most popular navigation system

Software adjustment according to customer requirements, development of custom modules

User friendly interface, many useful functions and options for facilitation of use of the system

Fault-tolerant servers, working on the cloud-based technology

Technical support. Automatic update when new versions become available

Key features

  • Compilation of a timetable and a route specification
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Compilation of a timetable and a route specification
  • Control of speed limits
  • Record of actual and standard fuel consumption rate
  • Control of freight loading and unloading
  • Graphical representation of data
  • 57 countries
  • 272 351 807 addresses
  • 7 280 596 POI
  • 16 141 756 km of road
  • 226 830 HD maps of cities
  • 1 097 981 municipalities

Compatible with equipment by

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