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Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Q1 2021 maps are now available to the users of Navitel Navigator.

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The map of Russia in Q2 2021 release contains 177 206 cities and settlements, including 26 842 cities and settlements having an address search and street & road network. The length of the road graph is 3 899 926 km. 10 522 795 unique addresses are available for search. It has a POI database that contains petrol stations, ATMs, tourist attractions, cafes and other Point of Interest numbering 1 369 972 places.

The data on speed control cameras, alerts about potential danger zones and maintenance services, as well as POIs in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation, were updated, including all gas stations in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, Krasnodar Territory, Rostov Region, and the Republic of Crimea.

The following cartographic data have been updated:

Road network:

  • Moscow and Moscow region:
    - Added new sections of the Central Ring Road, the Romashkovo-Trekhgorka road, a section of the Novomikhaylovskoye highway in New Moscow;
    - Added data from field surveys between A107 and A108 in the south of the Moscow region.
  • St. Petersburg:
    - Updated the road network in the city and the environs of St. Petersburg.
  • Arkhangelsk region:
    - Updated the M8 highway from the border of the region to the city of Arkhangelsk,
    - Updated the road network and address information in Arkhangelsk.
  • Republic of Crimea:
    - Updated the road network in the cities of Simferopol and Sevastopol, as well as on the "South Coast of Crimea".
  • Komi:
    - Updated the road network in Syktyvkar.
  • Nenets Autonomous District:
    - Updated the road network in Naryan-Mar.
  • Vologodskaya Oblast:
    - Partially digitized the M8 highway on the basis of new satellite images, updated interchanges on the M8 around Vologda,
    - Updated the road network in the cities of Vologda and Cherepovets.
  • Krasnodar region:
    - The road network in Krasnodar and on the Black Sea coast has been updated.
  • Rostov region:
    - The road network in Rostov-on-Don and some other settlements of the Rostov region has been updated.

Clarified all ferry crossings and ice crossing throughout Russia.

Massive work has been done to update the maps using user feedback, remote sensing data, and field surveys. Based on the results, the address information was updated and added in all centers of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, as well as in other settlements.

Moscow and the Moscow region: The address base of Moscow (within the boundaries of "New Moscow") has been updated according to the information on January 2021

St. Petersburg and Leningrad region:
- Updated buildings and added new buildings in St. Petersburg;
- Updated address data in settlements: Kirovsk, Gorbunki, Nizino.

Arkhangelsk region:
- Updated addresses in the cities: Kotlas, Mirny, Kargopol;
- Streets with names in settlements Konosha, Kotkino, Koryazhma were digitized.

Republic of Karelia: Buildings have been updated, address information has been added in new buildings in Petrozavodsk, Sortavala, Pitkyaranta.

Murmansk region:
- Buildings with addresses in the settlement Titan (Kirovsk) were digitized;
- Updated buildings in the cities: Murmansk, Kandalaksha, Apatity.

Nenets Autonomous District:
- Updated address information in Naryan-Mar;
- Streets with names in the settlement of Krasnoe were digitized.

Updated address data in the following regions and cities:

Komi Republic: Syktyvkar.
Republic of Crimea: Simferopol, Sevastopol, and the southern coast of Crimea.
Republic of Khakassia: Abakan, Abaza.
Belgorod region: Belgorod and the settlements of the Belgorod region, the cities of Graivoron, Borisovka, Stary Oskol.
Vologda region: Vologda and Cherepovets.
Voronezh Region: Voronezh and adjacent settlements, as well as the cities of Bobrov, Novovoronezh, Boguchar.
Kemerovo Region: Kemerovo, Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Leninsk-Kuznetskiy, Mariinsk, Novokuznetsk, Tashtagol, Taiga, Yurga.
Krasnodar Territory: Krasnodar and the Black Sea Coast.
Krasnoyarsk Territory: Krasnoyarsk, Norilsk, Minusinsk.
Kursk region: Kursk, Zheleznogorsk, Oboyan.
Lipetsk region: Lipetsk, Dolgorukovo, Dobrinka, Plavitsa, Dankov, Chaplygin, Yelets, Stanovoe, Cossacks.
Novosibirsk region: Novosibirsk, Berdsk.
Oryol region: Oryol, Mtsensk, Khotynets, Kromy, Zmievka, Bolkhov, Shablykino, Livny.
Rostov Region: Rostov-on-Don.
Tambov Region: Tambov, Stroitel, Michurinsk, Uvarovo, Zherdevka, Morshansk, Pervomaisky, Bondari, Muchkapsky, Rzhaksa.
Tomsk region: Tomsk, Asino, Kedrovy, Kolpashevo, Strezhevoy.


The map of Belarus contains 27 410 cities and settlements. Out of this number, 25 211 of the cities and settlements have an address search and street & road network. 2 049 730 unique addresses are available for search. It has a POI database that contains petrol stations, ATMs, tourist attractions, cafes and other useful Places of Interest numbering 72 949 places. The length of the road graph is 290 127 km.


The map of Kazakhstan contains 9 807 cities and settlements, including 301 cities and settlements having an address search and street and road graph. Also the database of address search in the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty has been updated. At the moment, 355 943 unique addresses are available for address search in Kazakhstan. The database of POI has been expanded: the current map contains 23 834 points of interest. The length of the road graph is 1 264 020 km.

Each map includes residential and industrial infrastructure of cities and settlements with address search, detailed road network with traffic direction, interchanges, roundabouts, and other relevant navigation information.

You can find the detailed information on every map in the Maps section of the official website.

Important! Please note that the maps in the Q2 2021 release work only with the version 9.13 of Navitel Navigator or next.