On the eve of the 2nd European Games that will take place in the Republic of Belarus, NAVITEL® has produced a map update for Q1 2019 release.

Thanks to the massive work of the Mapping Department and Geodesy Service, and also to the comprehensive analysis of Navitel Navigator app user feedback, a map update for Belarus became feasible.

The map of Belarus contains 27 410 cities and settlements. Out of this number, 25 212 of the cities and settlements have an address search and street & road network. 2 050 241 unique addresses are available for search. It has a POI database that contains petrol stations, ATMs, tourist attractions, cafes and other useful Places of Interest numbering 69 166 places. The length of the road graph is 288 623 km.

The map of Minsk has received the following changes:

  • Updated road graph and other important navigational information;
  • Added changes to the traffic on Dzerzhinsky avenue and Nemiga street for the duration of the 2nd European Games;
  • Added a new junction on Dzerzhinsky avenue, added changes to the traffic movement on Bogushevich Square;
  • Added new districts: New Borovaya, Olympic Park, Minsk Mir and others.

Updated federal highway P23.

Added new POIs (petrol stations, tourist attractions, service facilities and other places of interest), including charging stations for electric cars across the Republic of Belarus.

A license key for the map of the Republic of Belarus can be purchased at the NAVITEL® website in the «Applications» section.

Users of Navitel Navigator app on iPhone/iPad, Android devices and on Windows Phone can purchase a license key for the map of Belarus from the main menu: Menu > My Navitel > Buy maps.

Important! Please note that the navigation map of Belarus release Q1 2019 works only with versions of Navitel Navigator 9.10.1996 and above.