NAVITEL® launches budget-friendly NAVITEL R200 DVR

25 May 2018

NAVITEL® announces the launch of a new digital video recorder NAVITEL R200. This compact dashboard camera is a perfect high-quality device, which will suit all budgets.

NAVITEL R200 is equipped with a bright colour 2-inch display, which allows to preview footage on the go. This little device will come in handy both on the road and on a parking lot. It records videos in Full HD quality and allows to record at the viewing angle of 140°. Its sensitive microphone enables audio recording of remarkable quality.

The brand-new DVR comes at the cheaper side of the scale, however, the quality of the footage as well as its security is impeccable. The built-in G-sensor detects and safely stores critical footage in case of an emergency. It fixes abrupt acceleration and braking, car rotation and other extraordinary situations. In such cases the video fragments are marked as special footage and are protected from getting overwritten when the memory is full. Moreover, if your DVR is connected to power supply it will start recording automatically after you have switched on the ignition. Thanks to advanced parking mode NAVITEL R200 can detect vibration and start recording even when the car is parked, the driver is absent and the device is turned off.

There is also a slot for microSD cards up to 64 GB for storing media files. Thanks to the highly efficient compression format H.264, detailed videos take less space on a card.

Package contents

The package of NAVITEL R200 includes car accessories that make installation and usage of the device easy.

NAVITEL R200 package contents:

  • Car holder (windscreen)
  • Car charger
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Gift voucher

NAVITEL R200 retail price — 39 Euro.

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